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Zino Pece’s Review
Peter G. Ray, artist from Bulgaria, now working out of Montreal, Quebec, Canada, with an international presence in many global metropolises.
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Zino Pece’s Review

June 2013

New York, New York

As an artist, one has many influences and at certain times some have a special significance. At this stage in my career, Peter G. Ray is a painter who I consider both a catalyst and a major figure in painting today. I first became aware of these extraordinary works about six years ago on Kenworth’s Moffett’s Art Letter website and shortly after this I saw three of Ray’s works in the flesh, when visiting Moffett. On this occasion one painting stood out for me; a small black and white one. The two other larger and colourful ones did not grab my eye other than just liking certain parts of the pictures. I also saw some in print reproductions, which again, did not spark much interest.

On seeing these paintings a year or so later and the prints also, the difference in my perception was remarkable. Now seeing and liking the coloured paintings and the prints, a time of influence had begun. During the intervening period, some experimentation in using fluid paint had been going on in my own painting along also with a particular interest in the paint work of Bruce Piermarini and Irene Neal. But for now focusing on Ray, who I also met during this visit to America and he showed me photographs of some of his black and white paintings which were quite something.

I consider Peter G.Ray’s work to be a of great importance. As a painter myself, I recognise him as one of those leading figures that aspiring artists have to acknowledge in order to progress. Not to paint like him, but to understand that he is where painting is at.