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DeLuca Gallery – Peter G. Ray
Peter G. Ray, artist from Bulgaria, now working out of Montreal, Quebec, Canada, with an international presence in many global metropolises.
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DeLuca Gallery – Peter G. Ray

June 2015

Toronto, Ontario


Peter G. Ray is both a painter and a sculptor. Favouring a pallet of black, white and the visual properties of aluminum, Ray’s signature style of painting is one of hyper-illusion. His large canvasses can barely contain the movement of the the spheres and ambiguous shapes which occupy it’s surface.

In his sculpture Ray playfully re-imagines icons of consumerism: the shopping bag, the pop can and the candy wrapper. Made from aluminum which he crumples, tears and paints these pieces are an ironic celebration of consumer society.

Peter G. Ray is a Bulgarian born painter. He graduated from the Institute for Visual Arts in Sofia. Ray currently devides his time between Montreal and New York.