Peter G. Ray

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About Peter
Peter G. Ray, artist from Bulgaria, now working out of Montreal, Quebec, Canada, with an international presence in many global metropolises.
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About Peter
Peter is a Canadian artist and painter who lives and works in Montreal, Canada. He emigrated to Canada from Bulgaria, his original country of birth, after graduating from the National Institute of Visual and Performing Arts in Sofia. With a focus on vibrant styles, he has gained recognition among industry professionals and art aficionados alike, both at home and abroad. He is featured in a variety of prominent publications.

Solo Exhibitions

2019   National Ethnographic Museum, Sofia, Bulgaria

2018   National Library, Sofia, Bulgaria

2018   Gallery “Forum”, Sofia, Bulgaria

2017   Studio-Gallery Rayart, Montreal, Canada

2016   Gallery Nuance, Sofia, Bulgaria

2016   Studio-Gallery Rayart, Montreal, Canada

2015   Studio-Gallery Rayart, Montreal, Canada

2014   De Luca Fine Art Gallery, Toronto, Canada

2014   First Canadian Place Gallery, Toronto, Canada

2013   Sideshow Gallery, Williamsburg, Brooklyn, NY

2011   Gallery Art 11, Montreal, Canada

2010   New New Museum, Toronto, Canada

2010   Bridge Gallery, New York, USA

2010   Gallery Art 11, Montreal, Canada

2009   Bridge Gallery, New York, USA

2009   Punk & Doll Gallery, Montreal, Canada

2008   Bridge Gallery, New York, USA

2007   AXD Gallery, Philadelphia, USA

2007   Nordelec Building, Montreal, Canada

2006   Nordelec Building, Montreal, Canada

2005   Bernard Desroches Gallery, Montreal, Canada

2004   Galerie d’Arts Contemporains, Montreal, Canada

2003   Galerie d’Arts Contemporains, Montreal, Canada

2002   Gallery 1637, Montreal, Canada

2002   ART Centre, “Ville de Chantilly”, Chantily, France

2001   Museum of Gold – at the invitation of Senator Serge Vinson, St. Amond-Montrond, France

2001   Association Renoir, Essoyes, France

Group Exhibitions

2015   Sidney Mishkin Gallery, New York, USA

2013   De Luca Fine Art Gallery, Toronto, Canada

2012   Gallery Art 11, Montreal, Canada

2011   Gallery Art 11, Montreal, Canada

2010   Bridge Gallery, New York, USA

2008   AXD Gallery, Philadelphia, USA

2007   FAB Gallery, University of Alberta, Canada

2006   Mayberry Fine Art Gallery, Winnipeg, Canada

2005   Galerie d’Arts Contemporains, Montreal, canada

2004   Gallery Miche-Ange, Montreal, Canada

2003   Galerie d’Arts Contemporains, Montreal, Canada

2003   Gallery 1637, Montreal, Canada

2002   Galerie d’Arts Contemporains, Montreal, Canada

2001   Gallery 1637, Montreal, Canada

2001   Galerie d’Arts Contemporains, Montreal, Canada